Revel in the Rubble

by Cousin Boneless

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4th River Music Collective

This is the final album in the trilogy of Garbage Parties.

We are associated with the 4th River Music Collective, and this is a release under that collective. To find out more about it, and hear some great music from our best friends check out:


released June 19, 2017

All songs written and performed by Cousin Boneless

Engineered by Kasey Fusco at Etc. Audio in Ambridge, PA

Artwork by Marissa Sandejas

Chris Blake – Accordion & Vox
Joey Schuller – Banjo & Vox
Jonny Snape – Washboard & Drums
Storm Shimp – Stand up Bass
Joe Miller – Trombone
Kyle Stinson - Singing Saw
Chris Fazio – Piano & Trumpet
Ben Roberson – Washtub bass

Thanks to the huge list of lovelies that allow us to do what we do, but especially:

Kasey Fusco, Coco, Lady Cbecks, Val, Ben Roberson, Tricia Dignon, all our 4th River Music Collective Family, Nomad Mountain Outlaws (aka Bad Lipstick), Our Moms, The entire Continent of Europe (esp. those who made our trip there so wonderful), Albert Max & Josie, Gerd, Anti-Frost, Tild, Zach from the future, Aaron and Adaya, OWL Hollow, Spirit, B&O chateau, Marissa Sandejas, Lorianne, The Hills and the Rivers, Gurtie, Larry, Satan , BB, Bentley, Nina, Randell, Xtreme folk fest, Spazz Fest, Pandemic Pete, Brian Howe, Jess Vaughan, Derek Zanetti, Chris Fazio, Sue and Mike Shay, that security guard outside our busking spot who told the cops to kick rocks.

Eat Trash, Respect Children, Do Crimes




Cousin Boneless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4th River Music Collective

Spooky Street Folk

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Track Name: Devil's Will
Tonight I’ll play in the Devil’s Way, tonight I’ll do what my demons say
as they whisper in such a subtle way
Tonight I’ll sing of the Devil’s things, friendly fire and playful stings
we will grin while the church bells ring

So come with me, I’ve got a story to tell
and if we dig real deep I bet we can reach Hell

Tonight I’ll feast with the feral beasts, with heavy breath and sharpened teeth
keep the bones, savor the meat
Our glasses clink with the Devil’s drink, in a raised whiskey bottle we all will sink
and we’ll find what the Devil thinks

Tonight I’ll dance in the Devil’s fire, throw myself in add to the pyre
to admire, so much to desire
Tonight I’ll sleep by the Devil’s cheek, as she culls with a lullaby so sweet
how unique, how the serpent speaks

Tonight we’ll fulfill the Devil’s will, sign fine lines with a bloody quill
what was killed, it suffers still

Dm / Am –- Am / G / F /E /Dm
Track Name: Pickin' and Sinnin'
And I know I won’t change a thing
from the bottom of this bottle of Gin
Got my righteous rage and my drunken haze
keeps the angry gaze from turning within
I don’t bother burning bridges,
I leave ‘em half built and let time do the rest
I feel your eyes on my back
like I stuck a knife in yours
but you know that wasn’t my intent

Nobody wakes up the same any two days
Got a thousand ghosts fighting to wear my face
I may be stuck with what
all the past ones left to my name
Maybe the right one’s gonna win out today

The good times roll on out of control,
someone’s cut the breaks
So cut us a break as we make the same mistakes again
Images blur in the carousel of memory and time
I’m just spinnin’ in circles, just along for the ride
Never get anywhere but I’m having a damn good time

G / D / Em / C / Am
C / D / G / C / D / Em
C / D/ G-D-Em / C-D-G
Track Name: Grow
If I make it home, where I plant my feet the roots will run deep
If I forever roam the wind will carry my spirit will seek
If I turn to stone I’ll humbly crumble into the unknown
If I die alone from my chest I hope something strong will grow

Finding faith in the unknown
Finding any way to grow

If I fall from grace my forgotten face will be quickly replaced
If all my dreams come true the spark in my heart will be of no use
If the stars line up in a row what will become of the sun’s old glow
If reflections are all that I’m shown, surrounded by clones I’m truly alone

If I sell my soul the Devil will deal with what I can’t control
If my eyes are dined on by crows I’ll be blind the crimes of my body’s host
If I turn into a vengeful ghosts my haunting will sing in mysterious notes
If Rest in Peace reads my stone, the war within will continue to glow

G / Am / C / Dm / E
Am / C / Dm / F / E
Track Name: Emojis from the Underground
Never get used cause I stay useless, I steer clear of power and it's many abuses.
You can catch me hanging round your towns underground;
they got the best sounds and the revelry abounds
Fumbling through rubbish it keeps me humble, I stick to back alleys while the avenues crumble
It takes courage to face it ,patience to change it-lucky for me I'm well versed in evasion.

Freedom of choice, what a moot point, you're sense of self’s just a survival ploy
We're all rats in lab coats, fruit flies with frontal lobes.
You gotta dance with circumstance and hope you win the crap shoot.

I'm swaying like a metronome before the show, swallowing whole bottles just to keep up the tempo.
Words dribble or from the spout off my mouth and they're drinking them down like they're living in drought
They want some of that old time punk sophistry, well established anti establishment philosophy. Congratulations on your new found revelations, I think I'm help myself to another libation

Freedom of choice the point is moot.
All your thoughts and desires were chosen for you.
you can all for axioms till your face turns blue
you gotta dance with circumstance and hope you win the crap shoot.

Gm / d / GM /Bb/ a/ f /Bb /f /c /c /d /Gm
Eb /Gm /d /Gm /Cm /Bb /a/ f /Gb
Track Name: Lullabye
I’m sorry I ask a lot of you, I wish I could be home
Life can be a lot of things, sometimes it can be hard
I’m trying to make friends with the voice in my head but it can be such an awful mess
I’m learning to love myself at my worst and check myself at my best
I’m runnin’ on a treadmill in the middle of a landfill gathering moss no matter how much I roam.
A highlight reel of guilt and shame looping through my mind,
the times I’ve lost and the chances I’ve blown
Give me this day my daily bread, the poisons my body demands,
and I’ll continue on ahead do what my heart demands

I hate it, I love you, we fear for our lives they’re put to good use
I love you, I hate this, let fear fuel our fire, let nothing be useless

Well I’m runnin’ around in circles and I’m fallin down and I’m working my hands to the bone
Devil is my time clock and I’m workin’ for my checks and I don’t really want to come home
We’re runnin’ off the deep and end and we’re runnin’ off the rails wreckin’ what’s left of our home
That devil is a timeclock and I’m workin for my check so I can pay my medical bills
My greatest fear is losing the favor of my friends and burdening the ones that I love
By chasing some dream and ignoring my health but I can’t keep on runnin’ from myself
My teeth are jagged and I’ve been beaten ragged by the carrot till I’m chewin on sticks.
I may be young for a junk yard dog but I’m still havin’ troupble with new tricks

It’s another sunset and the sky’s turnin’ red
but tomorrows’ another day
Track Name: Whip Cream Party Party
Think About Death