Broken Glass Party

by Cousin Boneless

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This album was recorded in a sweat living room in Pittsburgh, PA

Recorded and Mixed by Ben Roberson out of the kindness of his heart


released August 23, 2014

Chris Blake – Accordion / Vox / Little Piano / Electric Guitar
Joey Schuller – Banjo / Vox / Harmonica
Ben Roberson – Washtub Bass / French Horn
Jonny Snape – Washboard / Junk Percussion / Drums / Witch Cackle
Kyle Stinson – Saw
James “Earthworm” Bristol – Mandolin / Stand up Bass
Conner Scott – Fiddle
Chris Fazio – Trumpet / Piano
Jess McCully – Theremin
Eric Lutz – Snare

Artwork by Keith Caves

All songs written by Cousin Boneless
Spoken word pieces :
Stifled Sermon by Chris Blake
Angry Gods by Joey Schuller
Psychonautic Attack by Jonny Snape

Each of these songs is about the Devil
All Hail

Thanks to:

First and foremost to Ben Roberson for working really fucking hard on this album, spending a lot of money on equipment, and taking time out of his life to make this happen; all for free because he’s our friend. Also: The Hills and Rivers and the beautiful community of folks they introduced to us. The Rail Yard Ghosts, Days N Daze, Homeless Gospel Choir (and Derek Zanetti as a person), Black Bear Mute, Thom Hunter, KV and Comrades, Endless Mike and the Beagle Club, Cowabunga Breakfast, Harrison and the Spider House, The Natchez homies, The baby punk youth group, Tommy, Kyle Stinson, our Gainesville family, the Zen Hostel, Trevor, Harry, the Youngstown punks, The Pit Bull Palace, Cecil Martin, James Bristol, Heidi Hill, Coner Scott, Laura Lee, Corey Aldrich, Satan the Lord of Darkness,Tiff Beyer, Mama Hill, all of our own Moms, Sue and Mike Shay, Chris Fazio, Ben’s sister, Keith Caves, all the artists who contributed to the Broken Glass Party comic book, and our loving Pittsburgh family and support group. Thanks for dancing at shows, singing along, and making us feel like our silliness has purpose. We’re really lucky to be a part of this community. Thanks to everybody who helped us in any way when we were traveling. Thanks to the folks who have fed us, housed us up, gave us rides, got us drunk, stayed up way too late with us, talked about shit, screamed about shit, played music with us, and showed us the ropes of this town or that.
The graciousness of strangers and friends alike allow us to do what we love and stay alive. We’re very grateful to be alive.



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Cousin Boneless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4th River Music Collective

Spooky Street Folk

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Track Name: That Neck of the Woods
All these demons dancin in my head
they're laughing and screamin, they want me dead
and the monsters livin under my bed
keep whispering lullabyes I can't understand
Leaving me no time to rest
unseen forces urging my feet
leading me to the forrest's edge
My bones are shakin' like the shovel in my hand
achin' for answers in the frozen land
cackles in the darkness echo
hunched figures in the fires glow
Chanting by the light of the harvest moon
dancing to the pulse of impending doom
tongue and toil, petuli oil
offer me truth in their culdren's brew
Spittin' venom at the midnight sky
sewing shut the all seeing eye
condemning the world that cursed us first
for this next hex we must entice
So keep an eye on the curious child
he's wandered off too far
come closer my dear
there's nothing to fear
the fallen will soften your fall
All these buzzards are circling around
fresh kill, rottin on the ground
I wish I could be their next feast
but these ghosts wont let me rot in peace
Track Name: Embrace The Stain
Thoughts are lost/emotions bought/battles forgot/The death toll accrues/Numb the pain/embrace the stain/point the blame/by the void we are consumed/read the book/bait the hook/pawn or rook this game is playing you/Blind procedures/search and seizure/feed the need for population terrified/get the gist/make a list/details missed/life's lies summarized/Dicks are sore from fucking the poor/you scan the floor ignore their tortured cries/Cracks in the crust/a flower is plucked/a virgin is fucked/You’re pleading innocence/take faith in the lies/avert your eyes/a child dies/embrace indifference/drivel and drool/play the fool/intentions cruel/violence through ignorance
Track Name: The Admiral
the call from the crows nest went unheaded few in the crew dared to believe that quickly closing in was the sea's jagged edge and that damned crooked captain kept the course hell bent For once I'd like to see an admiral act admirably without fail they bid good men set sail knowing full well she'll come back empty there's no reasoning with greed some men's heart's are so black they ooze tar when they bleed there's no reasoning with greed Their coffers ran dry as the over tilled fields while hope lay in a tattered mast and a warped rotting keel promised plunder and escape from a land torn asunder they lay with their last lovers had their final fresh meals Call it what you will Neptune Poseidon some force escorted them towards the horizon but once they reached it their favor did falter dread hung like fog on the deck the men lambs for the slaughter/the kraken, siren, charybdis and Scylla before them men's hearts fail and courage withers behold the gaping maw of the beast leviathan terror of the sea/mutiny! its too late! Cut to the merchants office all in a panic sir grave news our last vessel has vanished meanwhile the officers break out the champagne cheer up my boy it was but empty crates We'll be sure to leave that out of the insurance claim So as the fish pick clean the sailors in their watery graves their sons serve the merchants and their wives tend the grain
Track Name: Mirage
Footsteps of lead and a broken back sense of misdirection is what we lack twisted mangled shackles by the railroad track we reclaim the ruins of a broken home Carousel hidden in the valley of death one more step, it's just one more step taste the regret on shortened breath this mirage is starting to grow Slaves stumble and soldiers trudge through the shit and through the mud boots worn thin and caked with blood all behold the moss free stones/ I went out searching for those hidden gems truth I knew was waiting round the bend but I turned that corner it was just a dead end so I'm draggin' my feet back on home again /The lights in the sky, the filth in the streets souls are sold off in little chunks of meat while festering in the heat the heathens feast on road kill picked to the bone Comrades captured by the spirit of wine a flame burnt out before it could shine surrounded by surrogates brings to mind how it feels to be alone Casting a spell, spittin' a curse everyday it gets a little bit worse but it goes unnoticed because it's covered in dirt as we slowly turn to stone
Track Name: A Pretty Song for Ugly People
I've been spinning aimlessly like the helicopter seeds off a maple tree
wondering when this fickle breeze will let me use my own two feet
Look how vacant I've become
Praying to a setting sun
but I know it can be mine if I can only make it passed the horizon
Tides pull my legs and I remain chained
to an anchor I can't find
knees creek to the dull refrain of concrete and trudging incline
But I ain't the only soul reachin'
from the gutters, crawlin' and creepin'
These city streets are haunted by
specters and ghouls and creeps
sittin' by the roadside wailin' like a banshee
singin' "Wooah won't you banish me"
Ghouls feigning faith for their daily bread
feelin' sorry for the saps who fed them
Spectors expecting your spare change
just to get their fix and their livin' wage
Jackels come and go, and show their fangs
but they'll never satisfy those hunger pangs
grizzled wraths with the wreaths of roses
better keep those pockets stuffed with posies
This dream is draining me
and we wander cuz we've got no place to be
we can't be lost if we've got no place to be

Ever since I saw the cage I'm locked in
I've been looking for a way out
but the more I search this maze
the more I reinforce my doubts
I've been clawing at these walls
just to find a fence behind
worshipping any ground I stand on
as the truth gets redefined
Hell is not a place, it's a state of mind
hell is not a place, it's a state of mind
Track Name: End Is Nigh
Flyin a sign that screams the End is Nigh to the glazed over gaze of passers by I told you so loses its triumph when it falls on the ears of the soon to die Drift with the jetsam and the flotsam Spare any change I know you got some You won’t need it tomorrow You’re living on time borrowed Drift with the flotsam and the jetsam just tryin’ to get some goddamn peace and quiet while the world burns Let’s hunker down in a bunker in a small town wait on razor winds and toxic clouds to drown out the scrounging for scraps the last dying gasp of humanity Let’s just play cards loot all the local bars play some gin rummy If we don’t think too much It’ll be easy to keep out sanity The grain remains unfazed with or against not trying to make a stand so I guess I’ll pitch a tent Withdraw from the system you might make a dent
Track Name: Fuck It Shrug Shuffle
So you read the right books and you dream real big gonna save the world with your guitar preaching and screamin you say the game is rigged you and your little friends won't get too far tell me my friend about the money you spend on cigarettes and at the bar and that black gold that fills your car I overheard your mothers words she's worried sick while you rot in that squat getting wasted talking theory but you won't change a thing with revolutionary thought so you dress up in black and take to the streets armed with only ideals and a handful of rocks then your flanked by a phalanx of riot cops/ Sirens baying like the hounds of hell got my club to crack open your dumb hippie skull bullets are rubber man we dont need ya dead you wont change shit from inside of that cell call me a pig all you want, i'll be making you squeal got bean bags and tear gas brother lemme know how that feels/You don't want that now do you why don't you take the easy way take a load of your troubled mind, step up to the line and cooperate/ Everybodies doin the fuck it shrug shuffle hands out stretched in a blind mans grind gettin down with eyes glued right to the ground movin and a groovin and a fallin in line everybodys dancin to the star spangled deathmarch foamin at the mouth chantin USA! false idles we salute cars idle in commute on the rush hour parade/cup of coffee in the mornin to get your head right, xanex to help you sleep through the night/those kids strum the plans with such nimble fingers refill the prescription so the music lingers/You got a new toy and oh how it shines plus you got it on sale for a real good price/Sittin back pockets fat watchin profits grow while these factory rats slave for wages so low/Just made a payment on your one room shack, close the door cause the colds comin fast/frackings a blast the pleasures mine to be mining but what keeps me warm is the pride of supplying/You had a long day, you earned some rest. couch to keep you comfy while the tube lights up the nest/Now that your jacked itd be a sin to miss these greatest of goods sold for your sole convenience
Track Name: Trees
We used to be the forrest Now We're just the trees We used to stand proud and tall now were on our knees We used to sing the song of woodlands vast and lush but now we have succumb to oblivion's hush The timber may have fallen the roots remain whole your gods of steel and plastic cannot stay in control you used to be humanity now you’re just men your golden age has come and gone we will rise again
Track Name: The Storm Before the Calm
This train ain't stoppin' No
This train ain't stopping, no
Ignore the warning that the bridge is out
just keep shovelin that coal
You can jump and roll
you can jump and roll
There's something out there lurkin in the cold
you won't make it on your own

The darkness in the clouds
has come to dispel our doubts
we claim domination
the storm will call our bluff
as the wounded sky swells up

The earth it reclaims
blood from it's veins
the ground opens up
to swallow us

Keep diggin' that hole
keep digging that hole
it's not where the bodies come from
it's where they go, so
just keep diggin' that hole
you can lay down your spade
lay down your spade
join the broken bodies of the brave
as the dirt erases your name

Ash is all that remains
of our rusted golden age
the human threat is burned
the cancer is cured
the Silent Spring is finally heard
Balance reclaimed
by cleansing flame
Our bodies are fuel
for the renewal
Track Name: Blurred Vison
I’m seeing double amongst piles of rubble I guess that’s the trouble with my vision my dreams Nothing ever comes of these late night slums I’m too numbed up and dumb to be the chosen one I’m much too young to think I could ever fail But I’m a bum and a drunk who could never make bail So I sit in self pity in a one man cell Jotting down plots to take shots at myself Self depreciation is my only self defense And a little self destruction is the next sensible step From the next room you can hear my regrets As I hack up the horror and try to forget Apathy and ignorance is how I justify My lack of progress and the death of my pride I become disillusioned from movements and ties Drain my brain of pain and replace it with a lie/Happy Haunts Long walks Pep talks by the fire Deep breath Slow death Petty theft forced by dire situations In this hungry hurried plan For salvation From the suffocating hands Of domination The walls they strongly They are healthy they are swift with the pounding of their fists They are stealthy carving rifts with their dutiful demands Drawing lines in the sand, divvying up the land As we weakly wander off the edges of the map Attempting to adapt to a cancerous host Trying to make the most of the spirits we invoke Holding hands with the hopeless holy ghosts Of our fiend’s dead dreams of our friend’s starved gleams Endings seen without illusion to a means All of us actors are stuck in our scenes Wasting away or seizing the day Expecting progress to appear In some picture perfect way To take us to a place with no borders to invade no guns, no grenades no brutal police state no wage labor slaves no prices to be paid we can bargain and trade we can keep each other safe we can dismantle the state we can overcome the hate We can cooperate till we rest easy in our graves
Track Name: Love Machine
Our illusions of grandior
never lead to an answer
we just question what went wrong
This comedy is tragic
this cosmic healing magic
was slight of hand all along
our visions always vague
revolution's a plauge
that forgives no sinner nor saint
We become disillusioned
to these fractured movements
that never make a change
We are not far removed
from what we oppose, we find an excuse
for wasted time and wasted youth
we will throw our hands up in defeat
we will forget this dream
the moment we wake up

If it's all the same
I will not be ashamed
to think we would be enough
All we need is all we love
Power structures all unjust
power of communal trust
if it's al lthe same
I will not be ashamed
we took on the challange
to find chaotic balance
we thought we'd be enough
the whole world would change with us
the wealth of information
the wealth or corporate nations
if it's all the same
I will not be ashamed
of the love that we create
the safe haven of your face
we tried to find a place
we could all call safe
I suppose we were naive
to think we could find peace
to think we'd be enough
that our love would trickle up
We built these walls with our own hands
we still see property not land
but if it's all the same
I will not be afraid
to try and write a song
try and right a wrong
it might never be enough
but I'll always call that bluff
I am not afraid
of the demons we must face
as we make it through the day
we are saved by our own strength
so if it's all the same
I will not be ashamed
of a blind faith in us
all we need is all we love