Trash Masquerade

by Cousin Boneless

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Recorded and engineered by Kasey Fusco at Etc. Studios
in Ambridge, PA

Written and Produced by Cousin Boneless

Cover art by Noel’le Longhaul
Tracklist art by Ricky Steece

4th River Music Collective


released July 23, 2015

Chris Blake – Accordion/ Electric Guitar/ Vox/ Banjo on track 3
Joey Schuller – Banjo/ Vox/ Accordion on track 3
Jonny Snape – Washboard/ Drums/ Chains
Joe Miller – Trombone
Storm Shimp – Washtub Bass/ backup vox
Kyle Stinson – Singing Saw (tracks 1,3,6,8,9) / Screams
Kenze – Singing Saw (tracks 2,3, 4,5,7) / backup vox
James Bristol – Stand up bass / Mandolin
Natasha Velvet – Harp
Courtney CoCo – Spoons

(lyrics for track 8 are from the woodcuts "Dance of Death" by Hans Holbein)

Mad Props to:

Kasey Fusco, Courtney CoCo, Noel’le Longhaul, Rail Yard Ghosts, The Hills and the Rivers, Ricky Steece, Matt Heckler, Marlon Battad, Days N Daze, Arroyo Deathmatch, Nomad Mountain Outlaws, Feral Booty, Belligerence, Mama’s Broke, Ladies on the Rag, Hashbrown Belly Boys, Mallory, We the Heathens, Ghost Guest, Mary Fuego, Endless Mike and the Beagle Club, Baltimore String Felons, Dead Cat, Gnarly Whales, Cowabunga Breakfast and the Ches Kats, The Hillstead and Mama Hill, All our Moms, Harrison and the Spider House, The Boardwalk, Hairy Deb’s House of Tacos, Alice st House, Bath House, House with No Name, The Wagon Wheel, The Rat’s Nest, Eric and the Abandoned Store, Super Happy Fun Land, Black Butte, Max and Crooked Wood, The Free Farm, Everyone in the 4th River Music Collective, Satan Lord of Darkness, Dirty Gurtie, High Holy, BB, Amalia Lillios, Uncle Charlie, Sue and Mike Shay, Natania, Kenze, Ben Roberson, Heidi Hill, James Bristol, Old School Dave, Dexter, Natasha Velvet, Tatiana, Larkin and her Mama, Flashbacks and the crew, Planet Sarbez, Radio Bean and Nicole, Park House, Pete Spynda, Matt Miller, Hollywood Kevin, Mafdet Gabby, Leah Mailloux, Hannah Peterson, Colby Aminti, Tiffany Beyer, The good folks of Daniels WV for fixing our van, Roby, Sal, Layna, and Pete from NoLa, Mott, Breezy, River, Jess, Ryan, Kellen, Tim, the Fest pool party, Courtney Becker, Zimma, Ray Gerard, Roaming Bear and his Mama, The guy who was the drummer kid from School of Rock, Doggy, Greyson, Scott Eaton, Laura Lee, Eileen, Ugg, Marcin, Pink & Logan, Estaban, Logan in VT, and the homies in SD with the Cavern.

Seriously, this album, our band as a whole, and our amazing lives could not be possible without the help of these people and many more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.




Cousin Boneless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4th River Music Collective

Spooky Street Folk

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Track Name: Dance Macabre
In pursuit of liberty, I became a libertine,
Jaded by the drudgery of immortality
Now in return for this new life you’ve given me
I’ll I’ll show you the virtue in blasphemy
Not often tempted by the pleasures of the flesh
But the figure that you strike’s as tempting as it gets
Now I’m infected instinct stifles intellect
Under the spell of your unwitting enchantments
A thief in the night, a knight on the lam
Lets make the law man jealous and take each other’s hands
As dusk falls my incantations call forth a cadaverous court to have a ball

And we’ll dance the dance macabre
The dance that never stops

The devil himself has given us this chance to put the romance in necromancy
They say one day every man dances with death but tonight death dances for me

As the sky sheds her wine dark cloak dawns rosy fingers caress her skin
Before she regains her blue composure, she blushes at our sins
Track Name: Algorhythm
The architects not aware
The archetypes characters without a care
The masterminds the master plan
Carried out by the ready and willing the bleeding hands
The blueprint the vision
The framework of a burning building

What we’ve created is a headless beast without a name
And it’s growing
The creature it overtakes for heaven’s sake for progress’s sake

The warzone the common ground
The difference lies in who’s around
Immaculate conception
A culture that swears by subtle suggestion
The program poorly written
Plug it in now dance to the algorithm
Track Name: Cast Away Starring Tom Hanks
You claim to care more so I’ll defer and be resentment borne
To an island’s silent shore, build a raft for company’s comfort
Because on the closest of days, you’re miles away
But you can’t stand to face the gulf that separates us
So you send bottled messages smoke signals mirror flashes
Call it conversation and compassion
Caught up painting volleyballs, making help signs with rocks
Never bother to explore what the jungle has in store
There are creatures that whisper so softly from the trees that
You’d scarcely believe it was more than the breeze
As vines caress your each hesitant step; beckon you to lasting peace
Ignore the tricks Plato played and return to the cave: its depths are the substance of dreams
On the closest of days your mind is a maze, but you can’t stand to face
The riddle you’re made of so you settle
To check your reflection in the murkiest of waters
Call it the extent of identity
If I get lost
Hacking swaths
Through tangles of thought
At least I won’t
Have wasted my time
Babbling to an endless sea
And a featureless sky
Track Name: Blocked Chakras
The eye in the forest the eye I my forehead only seem to show scenes of shame There is a piece missing that keeps me wishing a disconnect in my little brain So throw me a rope or lend me a hand or watch me drown right where you stand Seems like I’m waving from up on the sand but my cry for help is a joke
I’ll never possess that magical touch that separates greatness from deadbeats and scum Intellect and suggestions disappear as they come
Follow me friends for I’m having fun
You can blame me for what I’ve done
You can blame me for trying to run
You can blame me for what I’ve become
but don’t look to me for a cause
Let me be your ammunition Holster me by your hips
and when the time comes draw you six gun I’ll shoot down what’s on your mind Come take my hand we’ll sift through the sand Try to find meaning to meet our demands and I’ll dig, dig deep but the secrets I keep they won’t be able to hide for long
The visions I have are void of meaning Tossing and turning, waking up screaming Useless frames of film fill up my dreaming
Scoffing off awfully big devils
Our spirits will lead us into the evening What dreams hide in Eden my dear?
Let’s go out and see which demons we worship and which demons do we fear
Track Name: Dagger's Path
I walk a daggers path through a city of masks
Eyes downcast because the walls stare back
Careful not to get caught in the current of the crowd
Mesmerizing sights hypnotic sounds
We know why you came to this part of town
Memories escaped and sorrows drowned
With my case I drop anchor 5 bucks place both bait and bet
My voice chums the waters 5 strings cast a net
Come, come make an offering to the dead
Lest they get restless half-drunk and half-fed
The human tides subsides I’m left alone to collect my catch
And cling to last call with fellow urchins
And the litter the living left

Thought you knew the odds
But the house always wins
Track Name: Douse
The road to ruin will take its toll, this reasoning reeks of wreckage untold
From deduction to destruction, from our damn dirty souls
We try to piece together a whole

Feeding fire with the flame that rains from the sky as we slowly degrade
First we fail, then we try; storing up strength for some final fight
As we struggle just to get by, the water runs dry and even monsters
Wither and die

Tear the arch of the black hooved beast and nail the wings as a warning above your door
Opposite Crucifix and bleating hearts underneath of the floor boards
Unleash the creatures to do your bidding
On either side of good and evil the monsters are winning

Cut off the head but the eyes still stare
Possess the demons that are haunting your dreams it’s the birth of a nightmare
Kill the host become what you fear
It’s the death of a dream and the birth of a nightmare

Lantern to guide us across the river (Flickering, flickering)
Driftwood inhibits our arc from growing bigger (Confined to our shrines)
Freedom to be can almost be seen but (Hallelujah)
Who blew out the light?
Track Name: Obdurate Misanthropy
If I could find someplace to rest that would be the end of my incessant protest if I ever meet my goal I won’t even know
Somebody somewhere has all they need as I sing some dreamy speech far out of key There are signs flying high propped up by a self-fulfilling lie
Smashing the state or manifestation won’t deliver us from our great creation
It won’t be so easy to get the gut feeling before we can finally scream freedom and have our brains be persuaded it’s true

Someone with sense must clean up our mess
Averted by allies a burden on friends with a sense of adventure our jest is justified
The only true artists left in this world are collecting their efforts and meeting no goal
This nonsense is a promise I’m starving to believe in
These illusions of squalor they seem so romantic this scheme’s so easy we can hardly stand it
When we realize what we fantasize changes the minds of our neighbors maybe it will feel worthwhile

My body begs for rest but the poison satisfies my mind trying to find profound truth and true lies
As we babble on about Babylon my heart attempts to pump blood
and that’s all that it does
Track Name: We Are All Going To Die
The rich who give counsel take on gain hear not the starving poor call you
At last you too will cry in vain Death will turn a deaf ear on you
The merchant’s wealth is a worthless thing of others won by lies, the spoils
Death will sure repentance bring snaring the snarer in his toils
Spend you days in wealth, in a moment be in the grave

Woe woe inhabitants of Earth
Death – Death will visit all alike

This very night you shall know Death
Tomorrow be encoffined fast
Tell me fool while you still have breath
Who will have the gold which you’ve amassed
The love of life has ceased in thee
Who long has known this suffering strife
Come along now and rest with me
Death is better now than life

Behold, behold the hour is at hand
Track Name: Postdiluvian Triumph
There’s holy water in the flood
There’s holy water in the sky
There’s holy water in the blood that spilt
There’s holy water in our eyes

The water it is drowning
The landscape barren and bleak
The ashes are so fertile now
Covering concrete

In stark defiance of blanket grey
Reaching out from a bed of decay
A single orchid rises up
A harbinger of unseen triumph