PGH Street Folk Split

by Cousin Boneless

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This album is a collaboration of Pittsburgh Street Folk bands that all emerged around the same time in 2013. We are all great friends, and make one hell of a super group, so we put out a split together.

Cousin Boneless is the creepy , dirty, cousins of this huge folk family.
Please check out out the other bands here, because we love them:

Black Bear Mute:

The Hills and The Rivers:


released May 31, 2014

Cousin Boneless:

Chris Blake - Accordion & Vox
Joey Schuller - Banjo & Vox
Jonny Snape - Washboard
Ben Roberson - Washtub bass
FEATURING: Eric Lutz - Snare drum
Chris Fazio - Trumpet
Conor Scott - Fiddle
Earthworm - Mandolin

Recorded and Mixed by Ben Roberson in Pittsburgh, PA
EXCEPT Track 2, Recorded and Mixed by Eric Lutz in the same city

Black Bear Mute:

Liz- Violin & Vox
Marcin - Percussion & Vox
Robby - Guitar & Vox

Recorded live at the Pit-Bull Palace by Justin Bowen and Toy Life

The Hills and the Rivers:

Isaac Hill - Tenor Guitar, Vox, Songwriting
Heidi Hill - Shakers, Tambourine, Vox
Ian Hill - Mandolin
Faith Hersey - Djembe
Chris Fazio - Fiddle
Noel Mullen – Flute & Vox
James Bristol - Bass
Ben Barson - Baritone Sax

recorded and mixed by Kasey Fusco!



all rights reserved


Cousin Boneless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4th River Music Collective

Spooky Street Folk

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Track Name: Hard Travelin'
I've been hittin' some hard travelin'
I thought you know
I've been hittin' some hard travelin'
way down the road
I've been hittin' some hard travelin'
hard ramblin'
hard gamblin
I've been hittin' some hard travelin' lord

I've been working that Pittsburgh steel
I thought you know
By that I mean I go to thrift stores
and steal all my clothes
if you wanna be dirty, gotta look just right
patches, rags, make it look like
you've been hittin' some hard travelin' lord

I've been riding that megabus
I thought you know
I scammed me a free ticket
right on down the road
I don't ride those rails, that's no joke
but I still got train track stick n' pokes
I've been hittin' some hard travelin' lord

I've been busking up a living wage
I thought you know
I'm playin' music and gettin' paid
right here on the road
in one hour we make more
than employees working at these stores
this sure is some hard travelin' lord

I've been drinkin' way too much
I thought you know
I took too many swigs, now I'm stumblin' way down the road
I broke my banjo, lost my mandolin
don't know when I'll see them again
I've been drinking that mike's hard lemonade

I've been fightin' that system
thought that you knew lord
I'm rantin' and raving on that message board
We've got to take back the power
it feels nice in this Ivory Tower
I've been clicking towards the revolution lord

I've been couch surfing
I've been stayin with my friends
but they aint sick of me yet, they're true to the end
so I drink their beer and eat their food
but I don't use their shower, that'd be rude
I've been hittin' some hard travelin' lord

I've been goin' hungry
I thought you know
cuz all these dumpsters are empty
all along this road
I spent my spanging money on marijuana
so it's back home for mom's lasagna
I've been hitting some hard travelin' lord

I've been hittin some hard travelin
I thought you know
I've been hittin' some hard travelin
way down the road
This travelin' life really gets you down
when you ain't even left your home town
I can't wait to start travelin' lord
Track Name: Cruise Control
My teeth are grindin like raggaeton
This musics chewin thru my chromosomes
Too long I been pacin round this hole
Sit back enjoy the show its time for cruise control

This bag of bones is not my own
Its just a vessel for my timid soul
Bag of bones, got it on loan but
it knows what its doin so i leave it alone
now its on cruise control

Tap dancin on the tarmac
Cover my tracks but the facts keep slippin thru the tracks
Of my fabrications
Inebriation's just a curtain on a dirt stained window

I'm on a ground bound plane you can have my ticket I'm plannin my landin
Know I'm gonna stick it
Ridin gravity all the way down this hole
Now its on cruise control
Track Name: One Earth One Mind
Well look at us now. so profound and well rounded
somehow this know how will keep us grounded
But our ears are numbed from the industrial hum
And our eyes are blind from reflection of where we come from

We come from the air
We come from the sea
from the land that gives us all we need

But we burn the trees
That help us breathe
We keep feeding the disease of greed

I think theres something in the water
I’m choking on this poisoned air
All destruction is self destruction
Theres no difference between indifference and dispair

So dig a hole and toss me in I want to live inside the Earth
My only purpose my only worth is go back to the dirt
Where I’m from I wish to return maybe then I’ll finally learn
But it might be all covered up by time its my turn

In broken glass
And plastic bags
The remains of engrained behaviors

Our grave has been paved
With the latest upgrades
Images of our hallow saviors

These and more Will lace the floor
When we embrace our open sore
What will we learn when it’s our turn
Will be grow or will we burn?

We won’t find salvation in the allegience we have sworn
No warnings or reform will stop the coming storm
No policies or philosophies or self defeating technologies
We’ll have to die before we are reborn

Spirit and mind
All is divine
We are all we see

Don’t be blind
To our common ties
I am you and you are me

From the creatures we step on to the blazing cosmos
The sleeping cells the air we breathe
We’re all born from the same beautiful chaos
When we realize we are one we will be free